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Warranty Policy gives its customers the facility of claiming warranty for any product they buy from our online store. We want to assure you exceptional services and products with original warranty card to retain your trust.

Although it is recommended from our experts to check the product when received in front of our delivery staff, so that if there is any damage to the product, you can instantly ask for replacement.

Please read the following warranty conditions in order to make valid claim for warranty on your product. We have kept these warranty conditions to protect your purchase as well as to facilitate you in getting the best electronics in genuine condition.

Warranty Conditions:

• You must keep the original purchase invoice in case you want to claim the warranty. You should give that invoice along with the unit while claiming warranty to our concerned staff member.

• The warranty covering period varies with different electronics. You can find the relevant time period for a particular electronic at the time of purchase. Our average warranty covering period is between 2 to 5 weeks.

• We do not offer replacement warranty hence, all our electronics are covered with service and repair warranties only.

• In order to claim international warranty for any electronic product, customers are entitled to bear the shipping charges in this regard.

The Warranty being offered does not cover:

• Any type of physical damage or burnt unit as a result of excessive heat, corrosion, due to moisture, external hits or internal glass breaks. Any damage due to power fluctuations, improper voltage supply like UPS & Generator would also not be included.

• Product tempered with or repaired by an unauthorized person.

• Product whose model name or serial numbers do not match with the product or its packing had been altered, removed or mutilated.

• If the product has a warranty, a warranty card will be included in the packaging. To claim this warranty, please contact the authorized service center using the details stated on this warranty card.

If you have any further queries regarding warranty claims, kindly contact us on