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Sinbo SC0-5005 Electric Pressure Cooker

Rs. 11,499 Rs. 11,999 (4% Off)
Key Features

  • Digital control panel
  • Automatic cooking and ""keep warm"" function
  • Different food options (Vegetable, Rice, Soup, Leguminous seeds , Meat)
  • Cooking, scolding and stewing functions
  • Cooking time setting (0,5-10 hours)
  • Pressure keeping time (0-99 minutes)
  • Power cut memory function
  • Saving 60% electricity and 40% working time when compared with ordinary cookers
  • Airproof cooking ensures that foods retain their nutrient value
  • Voice warning system
  • Non-stick interior which can be cleaned easily
  • Practical usage with measurement cup and spatula
  • Stainless lid and exterior
  • 7lt cooking capacity
  • AC 230V / 50Hz / 1100W

Delivery Time; 2-5 working days





Sinbo – SCO-5005 – Electric Digital Pressure Cooker – 1100 Watts – Black (Brand Warranty) has an automatic cooking and automatic temperature control. You have choice of different dishes (vegetables, rice, soup, beans, meat). It includes features of cooking, boiling and steam production. You can set time of cooking (from 0.5 to 10 hours) and also maintain the time of the pressure between 0 – 99 minutes.

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Special Price Rs. 11,499 11,999

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