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Return Policy

PlugnPoint ensures high quality products delivery to its customers to give them long term satisfaction for their online purchase experience. Hence, our customer services policies are very simple and transparent, in your best interest. We have devised our return policy to allow you to return any product that you received in low quality or with a fault, without any inconvenience.

Please read the following guidelines for returning of an item:

1. We only exchange products only at the time of purchase that have manufacturing fault, broken or scratched.

2. An amount of 25% will be deducted of actual amount if you open the box and didn’t like to take the product without any valid reason.

3. If you cannot bring back the product right away due to some reason, you must inform us through email at along with your invoice number and small description about the product and its issue.

4. You must return the original box along with all the accessories of the product.

5. If the item is dispatched to you in different city, then we will provide the Exchange and the shipping cost which our customer will bear to send us back.

6. Please consult PlugnPoint support for shipping back methods.

7. If you receive a product that is not what we have described in our catalog (replica, specs and image) you are not bound to keep that product, we will return your money. Please inform us within 24 hours of receiving the product. Email us at