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My Account is an E-Store which gives you an access to hundreds and thousands of electronics from the most reputed brands working globally. If you seek to stay updated about all the products, sign in now to be in touch.

Information Required for Registration

We require information while registering with us like Name, Shipping and Billing address, Phone Number, Email Address, City, Country, Password, Company name and similar to sign in. The collection of such data is done in order to structure a non-personal identity of the visitor to The personal identity consists of the information such as credit card number and bank account numbers to help you make purchases. This information is purely unique to you.

Information Required for Ordering         

In case, you do not want to create an account, information such as Name, Shipping and Billing address, Phone Number, Email Address, City, Country, Password, Company name and other required are demanded to fulfill your orders successfully.

Note: Making an account helps us to communicate with you that has to be necessarily done in case we find difficulty to locate you. It also helps us to communicate with you when we face any problem in delivering your order.

Email Addresses

You provide your email address to verify your account with for security purposes and other related changes and editing can be done successfully. Subscribing to the email newsletter is entirely a voluntary action. It helps you stay updated in regards to new products and services.

Benefits of Accounts

Following are the benefits of creating an account:

  • PlugnPoint creates the data that is relevant to your needs.
  • pk makes the usage of the website easier for you without entering data every time you make purchases.
  • It helps you to easily locate the information, services and products.
  • It helps you to get updates regarding new products/services and its information.

On registration, you start receiving our newsletter with updates in regards to sales, promotions, new products and services. By using the link given at the end of the email can help you unsubscribe it. By logging in your account, you may make further changes as well.

Content of Sent Emails send emails to the customers which contain content such as Transaction mail, Shipping notification, Weekly deal, Promotion and Activity.

How to unsubscribe from email newsletter?

You can simply unsubscribe from the email newsletter sent to you by by clicking the link mentioned at the end of the email sent to you. You may change the subscriptions settings after logging in to your account.

Need Help

In case you need further assistance, allow PlugnPoint Customer Support Team to be your help. Email your queries and problems to You will receive the response promptly.

How to sign in?

Click the link below to create an account with