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Lenovo Mobiles in Pakistan

Lenovo Group Limited is a multinational company originated from China. Currently, it holds its headquarters situated in Beijing – China while it works in electronics and produces the best one. It is popular for its unique designing and developing along with manufacturing procedures. Apart from smartphones, it produces tablets, computers, workstations, electronic storage devices, smart televisions, IT management software and servers. Recently, Lenovo holds the honor of establish working in 60 countries while business in approximately 160 countries.

Lenovo Mobiles in Pakistan

Selling the division working in Lenovo smartphones and tablets for US$ 100 million in the year of 2008 and getting it back in the next year for US$ 200 million was the main happening in the course of this multinational company. Lenovo finally into the market of smartphones in the year 2012 and gradually became the biggest smartphones vendor in Mainland China. With the passage of time, it begins to work in Pakistan and had a healthy response.

Lenovo Smartphones

Few series of Lenovo Mobiles in Pakistan are famous for its versatile features and best pricing. Lenovo P series, Lenovo A Series and Lenovo S Series are popular for numerous reasons.