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Juicers in Pakistan

Obviously, in a healthy environment, people keeps juicers in their houses to extract fresh juices and stay fit and fresh. There are numerous brands manufacturing juicers of many kinds like orange juicers, carrot juicers and many other forms. Orange juicers are also known as citrus juicers. Companies like Kenwood, Braun, WestPoint, Anex, Philips, Black & Decker, Panasonic, Moulinex and similar are expert brands manufacturing juicers in Pakistan.

Kenwood Citrus Juicers

Kenwood Limited working internationally in kitchen appliances and is well-reputed for it. It has its origin in Europe and owned by a group named as De’Longhi Group. Including many other kitchen appliances, Kenwood is popular for its produced range in kettles, juicers, blenders, toasters, stand mixers, food processors. Kenneth Maynard Wood holds the position of founder. It was founded in 1962 in the town of Woking. It was started in a garage. In the same year, its success took the company from its factory space to Havant where it still exists.

Black & Decker Citrus Juicers

Black and Decker is one of the popular brands working in home appliances including major and minor. Black and Decker juicers price in Pakistan are pretty affordable for an average person to afford. Here I have given a quick roll down to help you view the details of Black & Decker CJ600 Citrus Juicer:

Anex Citrus Juicers

Anex is developing with fast pace in Pakistan due to reasonable prices and better quality products. Working in home appliances and especially in kitchen appliances has brought many customers to Anex. Here I have given a quick roll down to help you view the details of ANEX AG-2054 Citrus Juicer. For other options, go through the page where you catalogue can help you get more appropriate juicer according to your preferences.

Panasonic Juicer

Panasonic Corporation is also known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. LTD which is a Japanese firm. It’s headquarter in Kadoma, Osaka Japan. Panasonic was founded in 1918 and has become one of the largest Japanese firm producing electronics. Additionally, it also entertains people with home renovation services which must be a new information for all who are reading. Counting its number on the list on television manufacturers, it stands on the fourth position according to the details of market share given in 2012. Talking about home appliances, Panasonic is as well reputed in it as in other stuff. Here I have shared some features of Panasonic MJ-70M Juicer while for other options, visit the catalogue.

Philips Juicers

Philips is a Dutch technology company which owns it’s headquarter in Amsterdam. It has the full name as Koninklijke Philips N.V. or Royal Philips which primarily works in electronics, lighting and healthcare. It was founded in Eindhonven by Gerard Philips in 1891 along with his father Frederik. It owns the position of being one of the largest companies manufacturing electronics globally. As per average scale, it employs 105,000 people around the world in more than 60 companies. One the three main divisions it is working its Philips Consumer Lifestyle which formerly targets consumer electronics and domestic and appliances for personal care. Here I have shared few features of Philips Juicer as it represents home appliances.

For more option, you can view the relevant page which will help you choose product according to your preferences and needs. Stay healthy. So shop online now!