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Canon DSLR in Pakistan

Canon Inc. is originally a Japanese Multinational Corporation which facilitates its customer in the field of optical and imaging products encompassing photocopiers, cameras, computer printers, camcorders, medical equipment and steppers. Currently, its headquarters are situated ?ta, Tokyo, Japan. Talking about the manufacturing of Canon Digital Cameras and its production, Canon started off with it in 1984 with RC-701. Continuing this RC series to PowerShot and Digital IXUS was the great success of Canon and received a great response everywhere. Later on, EOS series was produced with digital single-lens reflex cameras (Canon DSLR) which are regarded as the best professional photographic models. Altogether, main articles in Canon Cameras are Canon Digital IXUS, Canon PowerShot, Canon EF-S lens mount, Canon PowerShot G, Canon EF lens mount, Canon EF-M lens mount and Canon EOS. Fantastic Canon Camera Accessories were also manufactured along with all these series to help the phot.

Canon DSLR Price in Pakistan

Canon has made itself to be the considered company whenever it comes to photographic world. Its fantastic contribution to the world of photography and imaging has changed the course of this industry. Though the technology it offers is really appreciable but you will find a bit higher prices of Canon DSLR Cameras in Pakistani market. As per seeing it from the side of its Hi-tech, it is worth to be bought at such price. Either we get things cheaper because they are not as beneficial or we get them as they possess amazing features. So, Canon Cameras are worth spending on due to the tremendous features they possess. Canon Cameras in Pakistan are not that expenses but slightly higher than others but as said earlier, they are worth spending for.

Canon EOS 1200D

EOS Series of Canon is regarded as the best professionally qualified photographic DSLR. Canon EOS 1200D was announced on Feb 12, 2014. Canon EOS 1200D is manufactured in a way that can help you in five types of photography such as daily photography, portrait photography, sports photography, street photography and landscape photography.

Canon has manufactured this DSLR with tremendous and appreciable features. It carries a lens of 18-55 mm with built-in flash. Battery life of Canon EOS 1200D is for 550 shots and compatible to SD memory. Furthermore, this 18 Pixel rear camera allows you to make full HD movie and 12800 ISO Sensitivity. It comes with the screen size is of 3” while a warranty of one year. Enjoy online shopping with Plugnpoint.