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Air Conditioners in Pakistan

A/C or AC are the common abbreviation of Air Conditioners which are used to maintain the room temperature to the coolest level. They are especially used in summers to avoid the excessive heat. Air conditioning is the course when air is controlled in regards to the temperature and humidity to the level of comfort. Thus the conditioned air is equally distributed within the occupied space like the vehicle or building to improve indoor air and thermal comfort.

Room temperatures are maintained low to avoid excessive summer heats or wherever required. Commonly, Air Conditioning systems can be utilized on desiccants. The air conditioner uses the evaporation, free cooling or refrigeration cycle for cooling. Commonly, any technology used in air conditioners that ultimately, de-humidify, cool, clean, ventilation or maintain air movement is called air conditioning. As opposed to AC, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is used in construction abbreviated as HVAC.

Air Conditioners Price in Pakistan

You will find versatile range of prices available in market. Normally, Air Conditioners Price available in Pakistan are low as it is not possible for the majority to afford it. Mostly companies have to release their such heavy appliances on lending so that people can buy online. Installments are commonly plans followed by most companies. Some of the major companies successfully working in Pakistan in Air Conditioners are mentioned below with one model out of its manufacturing.

LG Air Conditioners

Here are some features mentioned for LG Jet Cool S126 DC 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner. It is available in reasonable prices in Pakistani market.

LG is one the popular companies working in electronics. It is integrated with Tropical Compressor (T3) 58 C, Energy Saver, Jet Cool System, Auto Cleaning, MF condenser, Chaos Wind, Auto Restart and Sleep Mode Auto Operation.

Dawlance Air Conditioner

Here are some features mentioned for Dawlance Energy Saver 30 1.5 Ton Maroon Black Split AC. It is available in reasonable prices in Pakistani market.

This Dawlance air conditioner is the best combination of convenience, comfort, reliability and affordability. This wide-panel design of Signature Series comes with hidden display that improves the environment of any room they are installed in. Its anti-rust condenser’s hydrophilic coating automatically keeps the air conditioner safe from corroding. After such extra-ordinary features, this Dawlance Air Conditioner becomes the great choice to invest on especially if you living in humid environments. Other major features encompass as Anti-Rust condenser, Auto restart function, Elegant Design with Hidden Display and 3 mode operation: sleep mode, cool mode and soft dry operation mode.

It is available in two forms such as for capacity of 1 ton, room of minimum size 125sqft to maximum 150sqft is perfect and for capacity 1.5-ton room of minimum size 140sqft to maximum 225sqft is appropriate. It is available in the reasonable prices in market.

PEL Air Conditioner

Since 1990, PEL has specialized in manufacturing in numerous commercial and residential air conditioners. It is regarded as the best and advanced cooling air conditioners since ever. Here are some features mentioned for Cool Smile AC. It is available in reasonable prices in Pakistani market. PEL has introduced this cool range while keeping the summer season of Pakistan. This is manufactured with advanced specs and full BTUs while further details encompass like it comes with one-year warranty, full capacity units with full wattage compressor which gives outstanding cooled ambiance, built on international standards, FINS CURE, High quality compressor and much more. The integration of high quality compressor with the usage of advanced technology cool the ambiance within no time. It is anti-rust which extends the life of the air conditioner, gold plated fins, auto cleaning, air purification and premium cooling.

Kenwood Air Conditioner

Here are some features mentioned for Kenwood e-Crystal KEC-18S 1.5 Ton Split AC. It design is the most attractive that is the epic mirror design of E-crystal which guarantees the immediate cooling of the room. It comes with LED display, Clean warning, Wide angle air flow, Intelligent sleep mode, Turbo Cool, Eco friendly tech, Anti-rust